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Intentional was my focus word for this year and this book pushes you to think about what you want and go for it! I love the TWELVE INTANGIBLES that Brad included.

This is a quick read. I couldn't put it down. His stories and real life examples of what it takes to build a successful small business are so helpful. This is a must read for anyone who runs a small business.

As a former Silicon Valley small business executive and current high school leadership teacher, I’ve read several dozen leadership books.

What I enjoyed about Intentional Success was the authenticity of the story and genuine motivation of the author to share the formula of his success. Instead of “the one trick to succeed,” Brad Taylor covers many key elements to prosper as a small business owner. This was refreshing because while a few catchy lines might sell books, they rarely capture the true depth of skill, character, passion, people and tools needed to make an organization produce sustainable net value.

A few points that stood out to me in the book:

#1 Brad focuses a substantial segment of the book on running a business with a spouse. That was very interesting angle that I’ve never seen covered in a business book. It was neat to see that both he and his wife considered their partnership in the business a strength to their marriage.

#2 Brad was open about mistakes and owned them without blaming. He clearly values the learning/growth opportunities presented by missteps and adversity. Also, his willingness to share made the account relatable - his path to success was never that of an invincible superhero. Instead, it was genuine, warts and all.

#3 I enjoyed the “12 intangibles” of success. Many business books focus so much on the objective, quantitative elements of success. But Brad points out that the unseen elements - those truly apparent only at the very personal level - were far more foundational to the creation of value.

I found many useful nuggets throughout the book. Brad transitions fluidly between the theoretical level (eg life motivation) and the purely practical (eg assembling a quality legal team). I recommend the book as a first-hand account from the true front lines of entrepreneurship: someone who has gone from nothing to outstanding success by going all-in on his dream.

There is so much practical, useful, real-life information that is essential for any entrepreneur or business owner. Brad Taylor has taken years of experience and wisdom and condensed so many gems and insights into an easy-to-read, can't put down book. A combination of useful tools, practical applications and real stories had me engaged from start to finish. I am certain this book is going to help my husband and I be more successful in growing a highly successful and sustainable business. Also, if you work with your spouse, you MUST READ the section on working with your spouse. So insightful and helpful. With so many options out there for personal and business development, I can honestly say that you don't want your library to be without this book.

If you are an aspiring or current entrepreneur, I think you will find this book helpful and motivating. You can tell the author truly has a passion for teaching and helping others. He shares many interesting and inspirational stories illustrating both what TO DO and what NOT TO DO as a business owner. During his 40+ years as the owner of many successful companies , he created a system called the 12 Intangibles. These Intangibles are basically the qualities a person needs to be successful in life AND in business. This book was easy to understand and will no doubt appeal to many entrepreneurs on the road to success. Thank you, Brad Taylor, for sharing your many years of wisdom!

I was able to take the time to enjoy your book on a couple of flights this weeks. I felt like I was sitting at you home having one of our memorable and most insightful discussions. I could not put it down…even read it between flights. Mary will be reading it this weekend and there are so many that will benefit for the Taylor learnings…so real…so true…so rewarding for the special ones that really are committed to pure success!

Thanks for the incredibly kind words…you are truly best example of the rewards when one is… “Other-Person Centered”!

Taylor's insights and candid examples are inspirational. I am currently reading this a second time, dedicating a week to each of the 12 intangibles.

This is a must-read for any leader, entrepreneur, or business owner. It comes from the heart with practical and useful ideas on how to build and grow a successful organization. Kudos to Brad and Cathy Taylor for their success!

"Persistence is the path to success. Consistency is the vehicle you arrive in.”